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Case Studies tagged with 'Emergency Services'
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Emergency Medical Services Modelling in Wales

This illustrates how forecasting, queueing theory, scheduling, location analysis and discrete event simulation can be integrated into workforce capacity planning tools to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service Trust (WAST) with capacity planning issues and the deployment of emergency vehicles

(Developed for Welsh Ambulance Service Trust (WAST) by School of Mathematics, Cardiff University)

Redesigning Emergency Stroke Pathways to Maximise Thrombolysis Rates

A simulation study of emergency stroke care showing the impact of different interventions. Application has greatly improved the delivery of thrombolysis at the client hospital.

(Developed for Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital by The Peninsula Collaboration for Health Operational Research and Development (PenCHORD))

Triage to Critical Care in a Pandemic

Modelling informed a debate on restricting access to paediatric intensive care during 2009 influenza pandemic.

(Developed for Great Ormond Street Hospital by Clinical Operational Research Unit, UCL)

Simulation to plan healthcare services for population growth

A model used to help an East Midlands PCT plan for projected growth in demand due to population changes.

(Developed for An East Midlands PCT by Simul8 and NHS Institute)

East Riding PCT – Alternative Falls Care Pathway Model

A model to develop new falls pathway for patients in East Riding, Yorkshire.

(Developed for E.Riding PCT by SIMUL8 and NHS Institute)

Percept Simulation Model

A simulation model to assess the impact on care and resources for different scenarios at the hospital A&E department in order to plan the development of a new emergency assessment centre.

(Developed for Basingstoke District Hospital by Focused-On Ltd)

Emergency Service Simulation

Use of a simulation model to help re-design and improve emergency services at the RD&E Hospital.

(Developed for Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust by Focused-On Ltd)

7 items

MASHnet Case Studies

This listing addresses the frequently expressed need for more information about examples of implemented applications of modelling and simulation within the NHS. It provides a simple, internet-based directory of modelling applications that have been used within the health services.

Every system shown in this list should be in use, or have been used, in some capacity to support an aspect of health service delivery. The perceived success or otherwise of a system does not affect inclusion since many important lessons can be learned from systems that have ‘failed’ or are outdated.

PLEASE NOTE: Inclusion within this Case Study listing does not imply that MASHnet endorses or recommends a specific system listed.

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