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Percept Simulation Model

A simulation model to assess the impact on care and resources for different scenarios at the hospital A&E department in order to plan the development of a new emergency assessment centre.


The following screen-shot illustrates the Percept Simulation Model developed for Basingstoke DGH. This model is able to simulate the many potential PatientFlows that a patient might experience and the staff and other resources required by them.

The Percept model simulates the PatientFlows documented by the Trust using our PatientFlow Planning software for 2 sources of Patient (self-referral and Ambulance arrivals) and each of their 3 main categories: 1. Walk-in, 2.Trolley, 3. Resuscitation.

Plus it looks at those patients who are admitted to the Medical Assessment Unit/AAA including those patients admitted via A&E and those patients admitted directly by, for example, their GP.



If your organisation is serious about simulation as a planning tool I would offer the following as some learning points and I know some of these seem obvious but I think they are worth re-iterating:-

Get more than one opinion, particularly with regard to the triangulation, consultants and nurses have a different perspective of what happens within the ED on a daily basis and how long it takes .

An example question might be “What is the impact on equipment and staff utilisation (hence waits) if demand in the ED goes up 10%?” If you can answer this question with such a simple table covering both utilisation and waiting time impact, you may not need simulation, if you can’t , then simulation can help you.

So where are we now?

Our new Emergency Assessment Centre is still it the feasibility stage, we have now engaged the architects who are working with the quantity surveyor and engineers to tell us what is possible.

We have not made our final recommendation to the Board, but when we do I will be confident that not only will it be deliverable from both an architectural/design perspective but also from an operational/patient perspective. It will be a truly fit for purpose recommendation.

Further Information

More information can be obtained from Focused-on: or contact Steve Burnell.


Basingstoke District Hospital


Focused-On Ltd

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Steve Burnell


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