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Mr Steve Burnell


Steven’s early career was in some of the UK ‘s best managed factories, and he has led successful Finance, Operations, and Sales teams in the Software industry. Now, Steven and his colleagues are Focused On Health.

Focused_On Ltd is an innovative company founded as a direct result of the best and the worst of a Patient’s personal experience of the NHS. The single purpose of this company is to help Service Providers and Commissioners to resolve big, intractable problems and deliver break-through solutions. They do this by developing highly visual, powerful software tools, such as Simulation Modelling, that Clinicians and Managers can use to make better, evidence based choices.

Their experience ranges across Breast Screening, Accident & Emergency, in-Patient Beds in Acute and Mental Health Settings, Primary and Secondary Care Mental Health Teams, and working with Health and Social Services on implementing the Dementia Strategy.

Focused_On could be of tremendous value in helping you achieve your objectives, particularly during the challenging times ahead if you want to see the development and implementation of informed and intelligent commissioning and service design. For sure, it’s more important than ever that your Services ‘deliver by design’ rather than sheer dint of effort.

Focused_On Health have developed Tools including:


Focused_On Ltd




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  • Keen to work in Commissioning, Social Services, and Primary Care, Acute Trusts, and Mental Health – to support those leading teams of Doctors, Nurses, and Managers who want to make better, evidence-based Strategic Choices. Particularly, we can help you to:
  • Understand your PatientFlows & see the Process dynamics in your bespoke FlowModels
  • Use your FlowModels to identify & isolate Critical issues that constrain your PatientFlows
  • Imagine Solutions to these Critical issues & Test your ideas in your FlowModels
  • Gain consensus & implement your preferred Solution with Confidence
  • And, in the light of your Learned Flow Dynamics, find new ways to become even ‘Leaner'

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