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Mr Jon Smith

Managing Director

I am the founder of a company called Selective Analytics which specialists in visualising geospatial information, optimisation of service locations and capacity analysis. I use mathematical modelling to predict the effect of changes and data visualisation to communicate the findings quickly and powerfully to all stakeholders.

This service is very connected to the academic world for its theory and mathematical basis, mainly through my wife, Dr Honora Smith, is a Lecturer at the University of Southampton in OR.

My interest is in taking complex data and analysing/visualising it in a way that allows organisations to make business decisions, which is why I like geographic modelling so much. I have also worked in the business world for many years including at Director level, which means I am fairly adept at facilitating discussions around difficult business decisions.


Selective Analytics





  • Any research involving geographic mapping and location analysis.
  • Also interested in people working on large dataset and the solving problems using set theory.

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